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How to Overhaul Your Skates

To insure that roller skates perform at their maximum efficiency, an overhaul must be performed at regular intervals.  Ther regularity of these overhauls is determined by how often the skates are used.  To properly perform the overhaul, the following steps must be followed.

1. Remove the wheels using an axel nut wrench (7/16" or 1/2" ratchet & socket), and mark the location on the skate where it was (for example: RIF-Right Inside Front, LOB-Left Outside Back, etc) until all wheels are marked. 

2.  Remove bearings from wheels by using a bearing puller.  You can purchase a bearing puller from Ann in the Pro Shop :)

3.  Place these bearings in a parts cleaner with mineral spirits or a container with some type of bearing cleaner.

4. Let them soak for 20 minutes, then place the bearings on a clean cloth and let them dry.  You can also remove the cleaner from bearings using an air compressor.

5.  For a pair of skates that you own use one drop of lubricant you purchased from the Pro Shop in each bearing and place bearings, lubricated side in, back in the wheel using a bearing press. 

While bearings are being cleaned, check all nuts on your skates to insure they they are tight.  The following should be checked to insure that they are secure, and replaced when worn or broken. 
      1.  Toe Stops
      2.  Mounting bolts and nuts
      3.  Chassis and Truck securing nuts

Finally the skates must be cleaned.  Wipe off all dust that has gathered on the truck assembly and the underside of the plate.  Clean off wheels by using soap and water with a 3-M pad (do this while they bearings are being cleaned.)  Rotate the wheels in a criss cross manner (for example: wheel on the outer left toe will be replaced on the inner left heel and so forth).  Once the skate is put back together make one final check of all moving parts to insure proper operation.  From time to time after an overhaul, the wheels should be resurfaced or lathed to assure accurate symmetry and even wear. 

posted date: 
Friday, June 24, 2016

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